Closed Memorial Day

Friday, May 26 at 09:00 AM
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All Arvest branches and customer service will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017, in observance of Memorial Day. We honor those who died while fighting to preserve our freedoms. America wouldn’t be what it is today without their sacrifice.    

We look forward to serving you during normal business hours Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

For your convenience you can bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using:

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Arvest Recognizes “Biggest Savers” in Annual Dollars and Sense Program in North Central Arkansas

Friday, May 26 at 04:15 AM
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YELLVILLE, Ark. – The end of the school year reveals more than grades for students in the Flippin and Yellville-Summit School Districts, it unveils the biggest saver in Arvest Bank’s annual Dollars and Sense program. 
Arvest Bank announced today that fifth grader Marcee Benedict saved the most money among her classmates in Flippin during the 2016 - 2017 school year, with savings of $600. Marshall Mott saved the second-largest amount of $465. Students in the Flippin School District who participated in the program saved a total of $1,367.19.   
In the Yellville-Summit School District, Kyleigh Still was the biggest saver, building her savings account to $830. Erica Pyle was the second-largest saver, with $269. Students in the Yellville-Summit School District who participated in the program saved a total of $1,219. 
The Dollars and Sense program teaches students of all ages the importance of saving and budgeting, as well as general information on banks, money, bartering and other relevant topics. 
“These are basic financial literacy skills that we hope every student will build on as they grow older to help them be financially proficient in everything they do,” said Tiffany Watkins, assistant vice president and marketing director for Arvest Bank in North Central Arkansas. “It’s a good feeling when you have a nice nest egg at the end of the year after being diligent with your saving plan, so all of these students should be proud.”
Students were encouraged to save their own money throughout the school year and utilize the information they learned in the program to help increase their savings. As students deposited money into their personal savings accounts and brought the deposit slip to class, they received credit for their accomplishment. 
Arvest Bank’s Dollars and Sense program is taught in the Flippin, Yellville-Summit and Cotter School Districts. For more information visit  

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Arvest Bank Named One of America’s Best Employers by Forbes

Thursday, May 25 at 09:00 AM
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Company gets top ranking among retail banks.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arvest Bank has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of “America’s Best Large Employers” for 2017.

The bank ranked 208th out of the 500 businesses nationwide – with 5,000 or more full- or part-time associates – that scored highest in an independent survey of employees regarding satisfaction with their company. Additionally, Arvest is the highest-ranking community bank among all companies in the banking/financial services category and the only Arkansas-based company on the large employer list.

“Our goal at Arvest is to have happy and highly satisfied customers, and that simply can’t happen without highly motivated, well-trained and happy associates,” Arvest president and CEO Kevin Sabin said. “Ultimately, everything we do is about taking care of our customers and helping them find financial products and services that make their lives better.”

The results were determined by a survey conducted by research firm Statista that included almost 30,000 employees from 25 industries. Every employee was asked to anonymously rate their current employer – on a scale of zero to 10 – on how likely they would be to recommend their employer to family or friends. That rating was the biggest determining factor in the assessment. 

The second-most significant factor in the scoring was based on participants’ responses to identify good or bad employers in industries other than their own. Results of these two key elements produced scores for more than 1,800 employers nationwide. The remainder of the survey consisted of 35 other work-related topics.

This is the second year Forbes has compiled its list of America’s Best Employers, and the first time Arvest has been included. Assessments for the 2017 lists were conducted during a four-week period last year. 

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Harrison, Ark. Shred-a-Thon Collects Donations That Provide 4,610 Meals

Thursday, May 25 at 06:25 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

Harrison, Ark., community disposes of 10,000 pounds of paper.

HARRISON, Ark. – The Harrison community recently shredded 10-thousand pounds of personal and confidential documents in an effort to guard against identity theft and to help reduce hunger in North Central Arkansas.  

Arvest Bank and Shred-It recently held a free Shred-a-Thon event for the community, destroying more than 200 boxes of paper on-site. In exchange for free shredding, Harrison residents were encouraged to make a monetary donation or bring nonperishable food items in support of Arvest Bank’s 1 Million Meals campaign that works to reduce hunger in local communities.  

The Shred-a-Thon collected more than $922 in donations and 86 canned goods for the campaign. The monetary donations will provide 4,610 meals to Ozark Share and Care, a local hunger relief organization.  

“This event combined two great services to the Harrison community, protecting our neighbors from identity theft, and supporting those who face food insecurity, all in one day,” said Scott Tennyson, market president of Arvest Bank in Harrison. “We are very grateful to those who donated, and to Shred-It for their collaboration in an extremely important project.”

Arvest Bank’s annual 1 Million Meals campaign continues through June 3. The goal of the campaign is to collect enough food and monetary donations to provide the equivalent of one million meals in the 120 communities Arvest Bank serves across a four state territory. Harrison residents may drop off nonperishable food items or monetary donations at any Arvest Bank location in support of Ozark Share and Care to help reduce hunger in North Central Arkansas. Every donation made in Harrison stays local.  

Donations may also be made by calling (866) 952-9523. Arvest credit card customers can donate Arvest Flex Rewards™ points by visiting and clicking on the 1 Million Meals banner. Every dollar raised through 1 Million Meals provides the equivalent of five meals for those in need.

For additional information, visit

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Prepare for Managing Small Business Cash Flow

Wednesday, May 24 at 07:05 AM
Category: Business Banking
Cash flow is the largest determining factor of a small business’ success or failure. Before a company opens its doors for business, there should be a plan in place for managing cash flow and creating safety nets for times when it’s slow. 
Every company will experience a lull in sales, late-paying customers, a business contract that didn’t come through, or economic factors that affect the bottom line. When that happens, business owners can be forced to cut costs or secure alternative funding. It’s critical to be strategic with processes and set expectations for customers from day one regarding your accounts receivable policies.
The first course of action is to work with a trusted bank that has treasury and cash management tools in place, as well as the expertise and desire, to help small businesses succeed. Managing a cash flow chart helps entrepreneurs detail the money coming in and out of the business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and can include capital expenditures for a snapshot of the bigger, longer-term financial picture. 
A certified public accountant can provide information on how key cash flow drivers are performing, as well as insight on any developing negative trends. Standardizing the invoice and accounting processes will help avoid disruption in cash flow and can speed the process of getting paid. 
Business owners must keep a fluid calculation of their break-even point so they remain acutely aware of their minimum sales goals, how they must price products, and when expenses are on the trajectory to outpace profits. 
Among the strategies business owners should put into place to optimize cash flow include the following: 
Gross Margins
Know the industry standard for pricing of the products your business offers. Set costs at a level at which the business can be the most profitable, while still maintaining good customer flow. There’s a balance between price, demand and business affinity. In other words, a coffee shop start-up among solid local and national competitors needs to compete on pricing, uniqueness in what it offers, or some other point of difference in order to attract customers and maintain consistent cash flow. 
Send invoices immediately
If you’re not selling smaller retail items like coffee, you should strive to send invoices within 24 hours after a sale. This gives the customer ample time to process the paperwork for payment. 
Early payment discounts
Incentivize customers to pay early by offering a small discount, such as two percent off the total invoice if payment is received within 10 business days from the time it was issued.  
Business line of credit
A line of credit can be established for use when businesses experience a large gap in cash flow as a temporary safety net. Be aware, though, that the time to get that line of credit is before you really need it, so planning ahead is key.
Cash reserves
The cash flow chart is also the compass companies should use to determine the amount of cash reserves needed during slow periods. A conservative estimate for cash reserves is the equivalent of three months of cash flow; however, a reserve of six months is recommended.  
Accounts receivable financing 
To offset the deficit from payments that are not received on time, businesses may consider invoice factoring, also referred to as accounts receivable financing. This is a borrowing option that lets businesses convert the balance of invoices that are not due for another 30, 60 or 90 days into cash for immediate use.  
Manage inventory levels
Too much inventory will use up available cash. When getting started, purchase as little inventory as possible but make arrangements for quick delivery of additional inventory when supplies get low. Managing inventory levels and consistently cycling out old inventory will help promote active cash flow, but manage discounts of products and services carefully because they ultimately cut into the profit margin.  
Control debt
As businesses grow, owners can get ahead of themselves and create unmanageable debt. There are healthy ways to leverage debt, taking us back to the point of creating a cash flow chart and working with an experienced financial advisor to plan the next stage of the growing business. 
For every question about managing cash flow, there is a solution. Business owners have access to proven tactics and a variety of resources that can help them build, operate and grow their business efficiently and successfully. 
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